Thursday, May 5, 2011


As requested the I'LL FOLLOW THE ROAD TILL I FIND YOUR HEART pic in Black and White :)

Hope you have had a fantastic week :) it seems to be going by so quickly, but I guess that is what happens when Monday this week was a public holiday. 4 day working weeks are lovely. But it does make me think that next week is going to feel super long.

Don't forget that it's Mother's Day on Sunday :) It's also my brothers birthday, I'll be sure not to confuse his present with my moms - hahaha can you imagine his face if I give him a bunch of flowers for his birthday instead of my mom - priceless ;) (not that I'm giving you flowers mom) -don't tell her OK.

So I'll be on the present hunt this weekend finding lots of bling for my mom ;) and something super gadgety for my brother. I hope I find the right stuff.

What are you getting for your mom this weekend? or doing for her?
Inspiration welcome.


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  1. I am living in Joburg and mother dearest is in PE. So sad. Wish I could wake up early and make her yummy blueberry crumpets and a piping hot mug of coffee. Alas, this shall not happen, unless I decide to drive to PE tomorrow, in which case I would be totally broke for the rest of the month. Therefore, I have left the present shopping in the hands of my sister and father. I hinted at a spa treatment and gave a donation to the cause, but it is all in their hands. Will phone her on Sunday and hope that will make her smile. But I think I will do a post called "If I were home Mom" and show her what she truly means to me.


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