Sunday, July 31, 2011

Silwood Kitchen & Le Creuset

Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup

What started out as a very organised  me on a thursday evening ready to join some food bloggers and a Silwood chef to cook, drink and be merry .... didn't happen as i hoped! 
After consulting the husband, google maps and maps on my phone, I headed off in the direction of Rondebosch set to attend a Silwood Kitchens cooking class - yay, happiness :) BUT.... what started off as a happy food blogger (me) driving and listening to music and in a good mood ended up very lost , sad and desperate to not be LATE. As the sun started to set and the traffic thickened I was starting to get desperate .... I so badly wanted to be there on time and I had left home early enough even to factor in the traffic. But after getting into the area and not finding the road I drove round and round and round... I kept convincing myself the next road would be THE road!
Now sad that I was definitely not going to be there on time -regardless of being in the area of Silwood Cooking School the husband phoned to check if I had gotten there ok (kind man). I informed him I was LOST! 
He logged into google map, while I moaned talked to him on my handsfree cellphone headset while he directed me where to go!!!! (Thank You husband)
At last i got there.... 40 minutes late - YES I was THAT Lost!!! I was so happy to just have arrived I wouldn't have cared what they told me to do! 

Jess a 2nd year student at Silwood Kitchens Cooking School
The lovely people helping with the class got me to my cooking station and set me up with all I needed and Gary (the instructor/chef for the evening) got me up to speed with the rest of the class who were merrily chopping and cooking. 
I eventually let out a sigh and relaxed. The evening was finally back to happiness and ended up in such bliss - teasing Cayley (from Love Bites Blog) everytime I misheard the instructor I would turn to Cayley and Ming (from Butterfingers) and ask did he say? umm the small portion of butter or the large portion of butter??? and when Cayley couldn't tell me I would tease her - you are supposed to know Cayley- you've been here before ;) Sidenote: Cayley had done a 2 night cooking class at Silwood before and they made this decadent looking chocolate cake (drool). so i kept asking her stuff with her previous Silwood experience ;)

Cayley and Ming
On this particular Thursday night we made: Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup, Stuffed Chicken with a Tarragon sauce and Cappucino Bread and Butter Puddings.
Le Creuset gave us some beautiful dishes - 2 Large Ramekins, a mini cocote and a 19 cm rectangular dish.

Stuffed Chicken breasts with a Tarragon sauce

Cappucino Bread and Butter Puddings (Large Ramekins given to us by Le Creuset)

I along with 12 other bloggers- we cooked and chatted and worked our way through the evening - it was great fun and something I would LOVE to do again! I would like to thank Le Creuset and Silwood Kitchens for a fab evening! A special thanks to Jess a second year Silwood Student and John a first year Silwood student who were so friendly and helpful along with the helpful and relaxed chef Gary. 
I am definitely contemplating going back with a friend for a fun and relaxed evening of cooking :)

Ishay from Food and the Fabulous

Matt Alison from Im no Jamie Olive

Ming from Butterfingers

Hope you enjoyed reading


  1. Absolutely stunning photos, BBB. And your post made me laugh. Hugs.

  2. Lovely photographs of the night Bernice! Thanks for the mention and it was awesome to finally meet you lady :)

  3. you guys must have had a great time. I'm hoping to do Silwood's Patisserie course.

  4. Oh yummy!

    Sounds and looks like you all had a ball.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Le Creuset!

  5. @being brazen - it was FUN!

    @Caylee - glad it made you laugh :) thanks for nice comment about photos :)

    @Ming - it was nice to meet you too :)

    @Karen ooh I would love to do that course- mmm now you got me thinking

    @Shayne - we did have a ball and thanks for the comment :)


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