Wednesday, August 31, 2011


(On a Side note - is a new post I've started when I want to write something about my life that ISN'T food related. If you are here for recipes then please simply skip over them)

I am on a mission to find ....

An office chair (for my new office in a cupboard*) - not so easy to find an office swivel chair in white and silver for a price less than a ... price of a kitchen aid!!! Its just a chair!

A gorgeous corner couch in either grey fabric (corduroy) or white leather (genuine) .... been trying to convince the husband ;) He is very obliging but says do I want to go away on holiday in 3 weeks time or rather have a pretty new couch! mmm do I have to pick?

I'm also on a mission to find time... let me know when you find it - OK?

*Office in a cupboard is this crazy idea to turn a wardrobe/clothes cupboard into a hideaway office. So when we not using the computer, printer etc we just close the cupboard and it seem like we have a normal lounge with out all the gadgets/techie stuff :) Its coming along nicely ... hence the need for a sparkly white and silver swivel chair.I post pics when the office in a cupboard is all finished.



  1. I love your idea of an office in a cupboard and I can't wait to see photos! I'm on a mission to find more time too, lol! ;)

  2. The office in a cupboard is a cool idea.

    I am also trying to find a new chair for my office!!

  3. haha :) when you DO find the time - please could you ship some over to me? thanks.


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