Tuesday, November 29, 2011


To my family and friends I'm a bit of a health freak. They are always wandering if I'll eat the food they have in their homes if I come round. Its really not that difficult - anything fresh eg fruit,  veg or salad. See its not so difficult. Even better if its pesticide-free or organic (that makes me super happy).

I avoid hormone filled meat and dairy and anything high in sugar. But I still eat plenty of really yummy things - like really dark chocolate and wheat-free baked goodies like chocolate cake and other things like gorgeous vanilla ice cream. So you see I'm not a deprived, boring, salad eating health nut but a regular girl with a desire to be healthy.

With health on my mind I tend to read some health related stuff - like how cinnamon is good for you ;) which means I have more reasons to eat lots of cinnamon pancakes .
So anyway on my healthy reading kick today I came across this article online http://www.naturalnews.com/034268_cordless_phones_electromagnetic_radiation.html and it got me thinking. Have you noticed over the past 10 - 15 years how many more people have had cancer than before.
I remember when I was young - if someone got cancer everyone was shocked and saddened and it was a friend of a friend. Now if someone has cancer everyone is so much less shocked and more people we know have had it in some form or shape. And yes some cancers are very preventable through the foods we eat and the things we do. BUT especially in the fact that in the above linked article that we are using more and more wireless devices... I have pasted part of the article below.

I know this sounds silly and petty but if it means my child will grow up cancer free - or lower her risk I will do it! Really is it so hard to plug in my internet instead of having the signal all over the house and turn off the wi-fi? So a cable costs me a few rand - I got my husband to bring me a really long one and I can use it almost any where in the house. Also do you really need your wi-fi on at night while you are sleeping? Same for your cellphone - at night put it at least 3 meters away from your head or in another room.  If someone needs to call you, you will hear it.

It bugs me that the houses around me all have their wi-fi on 24/7 - I know because if I turn on my laptops wi-fi function I can see the list of networks and their signal strengths.
And cellphone providers keep putting up more and more towers!
Do we not have a say?

Anyway I now really sound like a health freak - and if that is the case so be it!
I want myself and my family to live long healthy lives.

I love the digital age we live in - being able to blog and stream music etc... but is it so difficult to have a few extra cables?

Just saying

(NaturalNews) Many people are aware that prolonged cell phone use has been associated with brain cancer, but most don't realize how other sources of high-frequency electromagnetic radiation (EMR) also radically increase cancer risk.

Until recently, EMR has been given scant attention. It's a toxin that can't be seen or often felt; flawed telecommunication industry-sponsored studies have revealed that current EMR exposure levels are safe, so it has been mostly ignored in medicine. Furthermore, the US government, which receives massive tax revenue from telecom industries, has established faulty guidelines for EMR exposure. It has deemed safe levels to be thousands of times higher than what disinterested scientists have proven as safe. Indeed, studies from such scientists reveal that current amounts of EMR from telecom towers and antennas radically alter the body's cellular communications' processes, leading to cancer and other diseases. These scientists believe that the dramatic increase in cancer in recent years has been due in part to the growing prevalence of EMR in our environment. And the amount of radiation that we are exposed to doubles yearly.

New telecom towers are constructed every day. Average city-dwellers have anywhere between 30-100 microwave towers/antennas within a four-mile radius of their home. All of these towers emit high-frequency electromagnetic fields that have been linked to cancer development. For example, one Germany study reported that living within 1300 feet of two microwave towers over ten years triples cancer risk. Other studies in Australia, UK and Italy revealed significant increases in leukemia among people who live near such towers. Many other similar findings have been reported.

EMR outside the home isn't the only type of high-frequency radiation we are exposed to. Wi-Fi routers, baby monitors, and cordless phones emit high-frequency radiation that has also been linked to cancer. When in use, cordless phones emit an amount of radiation similar to that of a cell phone. (One study revealed that thirty minutes of daily cell phone use, over ten years, increases the risk of brain cancer by 140%). Wi-Fi routers are similarly dangerous. G. Blackwell, PhD, Chartered Engineer and advisor to WiredChild, states, "Having a digital wireless device in your home, office, or school is like having a mini-base station (cell tower) indoors with you." And with Wi-Max (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) now being implemented across the globe, entire regions will be blanketed in cancer-causing high-frequency electromagnetic radiation.

Just think about it



  1. Hi Betty, thank you for making me more aware! It's not the news any of us want to hear but we need to and since your tweets & Facebook updates about the dangers of wi-fi/wire-less and emf radiation, I've started taking steps to lower my exposure at home & at work. I even told my husband I'm prepared to blog less if it means protecting us both from cancer - and that's something! He had a good laugh :)

  2. Probably a good thing our wi-fi never works then hey! even though i curse it daily.

    Scary to think that the above could be true.

  3. Hi Monique - even if you are the only person i have helped i will be happy. Well done you for taking the step to lower your exposure! :)I am SO proud of you. and your blogless comment made me smile that your husband laughed at you. have a great rest of the week and thank you for the comment. hugs
    Betty Bake

  4. @Shayne - it is scary! thanks for the comment.

  5. Hey there - I think that what you are doing by creating an awareness is what is needed. In this 'connected age' it is going to be very difficult to get this generation to unlock from their devices. From where I am sitting it looks to be part of the fabric of this culture. But if many more keep plugging away at creating awareness, eventually, just like the whole 'green awareness' finally caught on, so too will this type of awareness - hopefully. But it is going to be one baby step at a time, while going uphill.

  6. @ Rose McClement - thank you, you are SO right... hopefully the awareness will sink in! thank you for the comment! hugs Betty Bake x

  7. Thanks for the excellent food for thought... I'm completely with you on cinnamon thought - I've been putting it in everything lately. So great to hear it's good for you too.


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