Thursday, December 29, 2011


This year I think we will stay in with our 7 year old - make some snacks rent a cool DVD and spend some time chatting about the new year. Then when it is very late for a 7 year old to be up :) we will send her to bed with a million kisses and tell her all about how it will be a new year when she wakes up. but before she does we'll fit in some ice cream before bed and some fizzy juice in "champagne" glasses... maybe some sparkly cupcakes and light some sparklers while listening to some Frank Sinatra :) then tuck her in.

Once the little one has drifted off to sleep the husband and I will sit outside under the stars as we do every year and talk, eat and wrap ourselves in blankets to keep warm... of course there will be yawning and joking and then just after 12 a kiss and off to bed for a snooze.

There WILL BE food -  Im already contemplating the snacks. Maybe some cheese on biscuits with cherry tomatoes and basil. Also some yummy berries and home made custard ... ooo .. I know custard cold with chocolate grated into it YUM!

I can also make use of the cherries I steeped in vodka to make a nice fizzy champagne cocktail for me and the husband. 

mmmm - Who knows? maybe we will invite some friends over

OOOOOOR go out...

I am never sure exactly how it will go, but I do know I want it to be relaxing and stress free.

hope your New Years is as fun and as nice as you anticipated and FULL of sparkly-ness

Love and thanks for reading my blog over this year

Hope you will come back and read some more in 2012

See you then

Happiness and love




  1. Hmmm the cherries steeped in vodka sounds delicious. :)

  2. Cheese, basil & tomatoes on biscuits...custard with grated chocolate...yummmm! Sounds like a delicious way to greet the New Year!

  3. @Lipgloss Kisses - they are, I still have some left and I'm thinking of dipping them in some dark chocolate :)

    @Lissa - thanks :) it was a great new years eve and we did have cheese and biscuits. I didn't get to the custard but great fun was had by all :) thank you for the comment


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