Friday, January 6, 2012


It is beach weather in Cape Town at the moment. REALLY HOT! Get-a-tan-and-burnt-in-20-minutes-flat-kinda-weather. You know the kind where the sea glistens and the beach babes play volley ball and your skin smells of coconut sunblock.
Well I'm not falling for it! I may live 2 minutes walk from the beach but I am opting to sit in the shade of my garden and watch my daughter play in the sprinkler (under the shade of a tree).
Im going to kick back my shoes and eat some sorbet. It maybe less fashionable but I'll have just as much fun with out the sand being in my shoes and every piece of clothing I wore to the beach ;)
BONUS: This Sorbet will be even more delicious (and healthy) than ice cream bought from the kiosk at the beach.

This recipe is so much easier than you think and is filled with fresh fruit (vitamins) :) Its a win-win summer treat!

1 cup fresh apple juice
1 generous cups strawberries (trimmed and cut up)
4 tablespoons honey
1 small lemon
2 x eggs whites beaten (soft to medium peaks)

Dissolve the honey in the apple juice by heating it slightly in a small saucepan on the stove.
Puree your strawberries in a blender and then pass through a sieve into the apple juice. This is to get rid of the tiny little seeds.
Squeeze the juice of the lemon into the mixture - tasting as you go. Don't make it to sour.
Freeze and mix in your ice cream machine or in a low dish in your freezer.
Add the all ready beaten egg whites.
Stir and freeze or serve immediately
Freezes well in a sealed container (I use CONSOL glass jars - preserving/ Mason jars) for roughly 6 weeks.

*if you don't have an ice cream machine and are freezing it in a dish = then beat the mixture and return to the freezer twice before adding egg whites


  1. awesome recipe!

    I'm curious, don't glass jars usually break in a freezer when they have expanding 'liquids' inside?

  2. @Karen - thick glass jars like Consol jars or mason jars that are used for making jams are fine in the freezer as long as you don't over fill them :)

    @Lipgloss kisses :) thanks - it is yummy :) thanks for the comment

  3. @lindsay - thank you and thanks for the visit :)

    @Lisa - I hope you do try it and thanks :) thanks for popping by

    :) Betty Bake x

  4. Visiting you from DID. This sounds deeelish! I must Pin it on my pinterest feast page to save for later;)

  5. Pretty photo styling. Happy new year!

  6. It seems really really yummy. I have a sweet tooth, and this sorbet is like irresistible. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  7. @modern frills - thank you :) and thanks for visiting!

    @Shauna - yay and thanks for pinning it and for visiting :)

    @Juanita - thank you honey :) hope you are well!

    @Fe - its a pleasure - and it is SUPER yummy!!! :) thanks for the comment

  8. Lke the sound of the recipe, will definately help in the Nelspruit heat!!!!!


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