Tuesday, November 13, 2012



 Right now....

  • I'm enjoying being creative but running out of time to make all the things I want to paint, crochet or create!
  • Some things are just to cute not to make! and for this I blame Pinterest
  • I'm being drawn more towards smoothies as the weather heats up: banana and pineapple being my favorite... and sometimes I like to add strawberries too! (whats your favourites smoothies?)
  • 1 of the things I have started putting together is my daughters advent calender... (need to buy more little things)
  • 70% Lindt is way to good to refuse.
  • The Christmas season has started and I attended my first Nativity play of the year already!
  • I'm still editing photos from May this year!! (bad me... need to focus)
  • Even though I'm already planning Christmas, I still have some birthdays to buy for before then - (shopping is becoming a problem) LOL
  • I'm not being very good at cooking or baking any thing new at the moment - I'm way to distracted
 How is your Christmas planning coming along?


  1. Nice list.... I have planned nothing for Christmas yet

  2. Where do I deliver some samples of my Belgian Chocolate.... you will be able to refuse Lindt in future ;)

  3. Where do I deliver some of my Belgian chocolate so that you can refuse Lindt in future? ;)


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