Thursday, March 28, 2013


golden egg, betty bake, happy easter, wishing

Here's to wishing you a Happy Easter. May you spend it with the people you love and be blessed in all the right ways, especially in love and kindness. 

Life is busy and we all need time to relax, reflect and recharge.
Wishing for you (where ever you are in the world) a beautiful long weekend.
May it be Great!

Much love from me

A quick reflection of my happy thoughts right now: 

- There is bound to be chocolate in the weekend ahead
- Listening to music while cooking is a must ;)
- I think I may try my hand at some gluten-free hot cross buns (hopefully they work out)
- With the rainy weather ahead its a great excuse to watch a movie and eat some comfort food
- Seeing family is always nice (I'll be sure to tease my brothers)
- Making treats and little surprises can be a great way to spark some creativity and have some fun while unwinding

Have a great weekend - oh wait did I say that already? ;)


Tuesday, March 19, 2013


The quest for great coffee takes me to various restaurants and coffee shops around Cape Town....
Here is one of the places I have been too:  


I needed to head to Claremont to drop the husband off to collect his car from being serviced and convinced him that a coffee from Starlings just down the road was a brilliant idea! .... he agreed. 

We have visited Starlings Cafe a few times and have never been disappointed. The test of a great

Friday, March 8, 2013


veggie patties, vegetable cakes, vegetarian, betty bake, healthy, party snack

We all like to eat healthier. I know I feel much better when consuming more vegetables and less junk. These are a vegetarian's dream with great flavour and so easy to make.  

This recipe is more of a guideline and something I make often for my family.
These vegetable cakes/patties pair well with salad and go great with some fried egg and avo on top.
They make great lunch box snacks if you have any left over.
Would go great at a party - make tiny ones and top with cream cheese.
Substitute out any vegetables you like or have on hand.