Tuesday, March 19, 2013


The quest for great coffee takes me to various restaurants and coffee shops around Cape Town....
Here is one of the places I have been too:  


I needed to head to Claremont to drop the husband off to collect his car from being serviced and convinced him that a coffee from Starlings just down the road was a brilliant idea! .... he agreed. 

We have visited Starlings Cafe a few times and have never been disappointed. The test of a great
coffee shop or restaurant is being able to go there over and over with out getting bad service or food! (well at least that's what I think) If a place can consistently deliver - (quality and service) then that is the goal of a fine establishment.

Starlings is no exception- it is a quirky and cute, Cape Town hangout / coffee shop with friendly staff, and great food. The menu isn't huge so what they do they do well!
The coffee is from Origin so its consistent and delicious.

Finding Starlings can be a bit interesting the first time you go there as it is a house in a residential area which makes you think that its well a ... house. So driving up and down and eventually finding it is a quest on its own ;) but once you realise this then its fun to think that you are in on a secret that no body knows about! but then again - the place buzzes with people so clearly I wasn't the only one who knew about this secret coffee shop house (sigh)

Seating: The house has tables inside and outside. There is a lovely back garden which feels lush and green with umbrellas and trees.

I hope you enjoy the place as much as I do
Let me know what you think

94 Belvedere 
Cape Town
021 6716875

Trading hours 
Mon - Sat
7.30 - 5pm
Sunday morning breakfast

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PLEASE NOTE: Starlings Cafe did not ask me to write about them. I wasn't compensated in anyway for this blog post and the bill was paid by ourselves in full. They weren't expecting us. 


  1. We are in CT next week so will have to give this a try if in the Claremont area!

    1. yes do - it really is a great place and hopefully it won't be to busy! :)

  2. Oh, sounds pretty good! Will try to check this one out when we come to visit Cape Town again. Nice share!


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