Tuesday, April 23, 2013

PEP TALK to a Blogger

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I made this from one of my instagram pics - don't ever forget it ;)
Sometimes I just sit down and write - for myself. Then I realised I must not be alone.

Pep Talk to a Blogger:

1) Your blog does not define you - outside of cyberspace and the internet world you are still a million
other things so don't let your online life define your offline self

2) Don't stoop to other peoples level - Manners are still important! I loathe it when people don't reply to tweets or emails... I don't expect an immediate reply but generally on a normal work day week within 24 hours! (NOTE TO SELF: I will keep my manners - even if others don't)

3) Be kind online - If someone gives you credit then say thank you.

4) If you can't blog today then don't - life has real life people who need your attention! Food needs to be cooked, errands need to be run and things will happen! Don't make the mistake of staying up to 1am trying to do a blog post for the sake of updating your blog. People will forgive you and come back to check it another day! (hugs) now go get some sleep, you deserve it!

5) Life is to short to stress about everyone's opinions (especially on the www) ...  Try not to get court up in others opinions of whatever the topic of the day is ;)

6) Be happy, sit in the sun and have a cup of coffee (or tea)  - breathe. Your blog can wait to you have refreshed yourself

big hugs


PS is there anything you would add?



  1. Well written Bernice. It helps to remember that we all get tired sometimes (especially of the malice online) and taking a break now and then really helps xx

    1. thank you so much :) glad I am not alone in my feelings on this. so true taking a break does really help

  2. Excellent perspective!

  3. Love these tips B - will be coming back for a pep talk every now and again. Def need reminding ;)

    1. thanks Kath :) and thanks for popping in and commenting

  4. Thank you - needed to read this. My blog is taking a bit of a back seat what with insane demands at work and writing a HUGE 6 hour exam in just over a month and studying time being very limited and have felt so overwhelmed by everything that I need to get done vs everything that I want to do but as my boyfriend pointed out to me yesterday I blog for fun so should definitely not be adding that to my "stress pile".

    Sorry for the rambling! But thanks for the post - going to take a "smoke" break and make some tea and have a five minute breather :)

    1. i LOVE the rambling :)
      glad you are giving yourself some time to breathe - do it more often if you can - then once you are recharged you can create again on your blog

      thanks for reading

  5. Thanks, I needed that :-)

    1. Hi Sam
      thank you for visiting and the comment :)
      so glad

  6. This is so true!! What a great post!

  7. Appreciate what I get when I get it. Thank you for taking the trouble to share your knowledge


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