Saturday, November 16, 2013


Talking to yourself in your head is a creative process... Or maybe I just tell myself this to not feel like Im crazy!

Personally I like to chat and write nonsense, the problem with writting nonsense is that not everyone
gets it... strike that - no one gets it except me! So what does one do? Do I stay boring and make long rational sentences that you can read or do I just write (read: blurt) out whatever Im feeling and hope to make a connection somewhere out there?


I feel like I should be making my Christmas Trifle already as I vowed to myself that I would be more prepared this year... So that the week leading to Christmas I can listen to Christmas carols and actually enjoy them and feel like they aren't a cue/ reminder of all the things I still need to do.
The only problem is I can't make the Christmas trifle yet as we all know it needs to be made fresh (cream goes off and spoils - duh) And I can't cook the food yet or even shop for the food yet... so for now I'll start planning the Christmas gifts and anything else I can get pre-done!
Pinterest is making me want to be crafty and make beautiful gifts... But will they really look like that? Or will they become door stops of junk that people graciously ooooh and aaah over but secretly hate ;) We all have those.... don't we?

How are you feeling about your Christmas? Nervous? excited? dread? love?



PS Off to make my kids advent calender - lets hope I don't turn it into a pile of gluey mess ;) 

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  1. I am excited about Christmas - shopping started, no trifle though but your prezzi is organised :) love ya siesta and love your random rambling *smoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooch*


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