Monday, June 2, 2014

Johnnie Walker - The Black Box experiment

Recently myself and husband had the opportunity to check out a cool experiment with Whiskey.
Now when I was invited to experience it I had no idea as to what I was going to encounter exactly, the only thing I knew was that it would be myself, the husband and 2 or 3 other people for us to try out some whiskey... and that it would be a more intimate experience than the usual table of foods and drink pairings (I can be a little shy at times so less crowds, yes please). Sounded intriguing - so I replied yes to the email.

Upon arrival at The Cape Grace Hotel we were intoduced to a Whiskey connoisseur, the Social media agency people (3 of them) and a large black box. 

This interesting black box was created for a experiment by Johnnie Walker.

Instead of giving you a taste of each of Johnnie Walkers Whiskeys and then you decide which one you like, Johnnie Walker decided to go on the natural flavours and smells you are drawn to as well as your mood (selected by listening to a track of music).

Once you chose 2 tastes, 2 smells and 1 track of music you pushed a button and watched the mirror like screen and your Johnnie Walker match was shown to you.

Then with that Whiskey in hand you were spoken through the flavours, smells and process of that particular Whiskey... quite a fresh concept.

Johnnie Walker has made an online experience if you'd like to try your hand at it  so you can see a bit of what it was like.

I elected for my husband to do the experiment as he really has a taste for Whisky and he was paired with Johnnie Walker Black Label. We were very kindly given a bottle of the paired whiskey to take home.

After we were done we walked down to the Bascule Bar at The Cape Grace and I had a pot of tea and we shared a snack. This view was so worth sitting outside in the cold winter crisp air.

Our thoughts: 
It was a fun a different experience from the usual food and drink pairings that had my husband and I talking about long after the event.

Thank you Johnnie Walker and the Social Media Agency behind it all - it was a great invite and such a unique experience

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DISCLOSURE: I was not asked to blog about this event/experience or compensated to do so. All thoughts are my own.


  1. Wow seems so much fun! I never been to such an event..not even a wine tasting lol :) Hopefully sometime soon!!


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