Friday, July 25, 2014

The hungry collection

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Don't you find just the most amazing food on the internet when you are hungry? I always do!

Ive purged my life of the sugary doughnuts and deep fried junk foods over the years and I find that even looking at pics of those kind of foods really doesn't do it for me anymore... So here is some sweet and awesomely  healthy foods from around the web. Foods and treats I could definitely make and feel good about. I hope you like it to.

Loving these:

Pineapple Basil Rum Fizz... made with fresh pineapples, yes please

Delicious and healthy dessert

I need to drink this- Coconut and Lime sounds amazing

The Crostini Party - Obviously I'd use gluten free bread here!

Raw chocolate fudge - YES YES YES!

Salted double Chocolate Ice Cream... need I say more? plus its made with almond milk and coconut milk (YUM!)

Its raining here and wintery so Im planning a fire and deliciously warm supper - what are you making or doing?

Happy Weekend

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