Monday, October 20, 2014

Betty Bake in Print Media

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Betty Bake in Wellness Magazine October issue

So lately this blog ( has been in two print media publications.
To say that I am beyond happy would be a huge understatement! I am thrilled and can't stop smiling, the chocolate has been broken out (the dark and healthy decadent kind) and all is happy and sunny in betty bake land.

The Details:

 - A full 1 and a half page article about the blog and how I got into blogging and being gluten free in the October Wellness Magazine

- An interview and finalist. There was a winner and 1 finalist (thats me) in the Fairlady Magazine Food Blogger category in the November issue.

Fairlady magazine, november issue, best food blogger, finalist, betty bake, food blog, SA Food blogger,
November issue Fairlady Magazine - Best Food Blogger Finalist (thats me on the right)


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