Friday, December 12, 2014

Im not perfect (but Im willing to try)

salad bowl, easy supper, betty bake. yum, food ideas

So as you may or may not know Im studying health and nutrition. Its been an eye opener.
I thought I knew so much about health and what are good foods and what are bad foods etc...
but it turns out that if you go right down to the basics, like the very core of food, it's structure as a plant etc I realized that there are NO GOOD FOODS OR BAD FOODS!

There are ONLY foods that nourish your body and foods that don't.

And yes it really can be that simple!

As I go down this journey and discover things I thought there may be others like me who would like to make themselves healthier. Im really not perfect and I definitely don't know it all BUT Im willing to learn.

 prep your greens, wash your veggies, juice more, betty bake

If you'd like to follow along and see what little tweaks and things actually make a change then sign up below as I'll send out info that worked for me (and maybe what didn't work).

I can't promise the moon --- but Im hoping for some star gazing (oh and health - we all want health right? and sleep and happiness and ---insert hope of relieving whatever is happening in a bad way in  your body here---)    

sorbet, passion fruit, yum, betty bake, dessert, healthy
Sorbet can be nourishing if you make it yourself :)

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  1. That in the first picture pretty much looks like my weekday lunch - I much agree with what you wrote :-)

  2. Awesome witnessing all you have been learning and applying. look amazing and your family are also reaping the rewards of healthy choices. cheering you on.


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