Thursday, April 23, 2015


With the crazy busyness of studying plus work and family life I haven't been able to get to cook and photograph many things in the day time. Hence the lack of recipe posts -sorry. I think about it often and check in here and on facebook to say hi and answer comments etc...

I will be back - one day ;) kidding , Im still here just lurking in the background.
Studying is going well and Im getting close to the end, about 5 - 6 weeks and Im finished -Eeek!
I will be studying 2 other short courses after that but much less work load so life will ease up a little - yay!
I have LOVED studying, I never thought I would like it that much but now Im sad to finish. Life always has ways of flipping things on its head and surprising us.

Thursday, April 2, 2015


It's official choc-mint smoothie for the WIN! I think I'm addicted to these. And they're dairy-free, and refined sugar free. So they're healthy and delicious - what not to love?!

The flax helps the smoothie thicken and has fiber which is great for your digestive system. Plus the green veggies are great for vitamins and anti-oxidants. The avocado makes it silky smooth and you won't even taste it- PROMISE!