Friday, August 14, 2015

Taking Gluten-Free to the next level

Its not to difficult now days to get gluten-free alternatives to the things you love. You can buy cookies, breads and pastas that are all gluten-free. The problem is that you are simply swopping one processed food for another. Yes you aren't consuming the gluten - which is better for you but you aren't consuming nourishing foods either - think about a gluten-free cookie. Just because its gluten-free doesn't mean its healthy (it still will spike your blood sugar and may even have nasty alternatives in it) and just cause its gluten-free you feel that you can now eat the whole box! (we've all been there)

If you are just starting out on your gluten-free journey by all means buy some gluten-free pasta and
bread etc while you transition your lifestyle. BUT if you are wanting to really see results in your body and skin from living gluten-free I suggest taking out the processed foods and trying some alternatives to the usual bread and pasta route.

Here are some whole food alternatives we've been coming up with in our house.

I simply cook a big batch of one of these or several of these below and put it in the fridge for easy reach - to be eaten cold or warmed up with some seasoning or sauce or an egg on top.

Of course you can have them any way you like. Its just to get around the mindset of reaching for the bread that takes some getting used too.


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Cooked Brown Rice / Quinoa
Boil a medium to large batch of rice or quinoa and allow to cool.
Place in the fridge for easy access.
We usually reheat a serving or 2 in a frying pan and season with salt and spices and top with a fried or poached egg.
Quinoa is also great cold in this Toasted Quinoa and Carrot Salad with a beautiful dressing 

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Soak and boil your beans and then leave in the fridge for easy access.
Beans are great stirred through a salad or made into refried beans or even added to a curry.
For a quick meal, heat in a frying pan, season well and serve with a egg on top and lots of avocado or guacamole.

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Make a pot of veggie soup or whatever soup you like so you can just reach into the fridge and take it out and heat.

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Veggie Patties
Fry up a batch of veggie patties and leave them in the fridge. Heat or even leave cold and use in place of toast. We love smashed avo on our patties. Then even end up cold in our lunch boxes!

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One Dish Baked Veggies
I sometimes have a dish of Baked Butternut or Veggie Bake in the fridge. Simply slice and heat then sere with a salad or whatever you fancy.

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 Baked Whole Sweet Potato OR Whole Butternut
This is super easy. When your oven is on and your making super simply place a large oven dish in with your washed sweet potato or butter nut and leave to bake at around 180 degrees celcius turning over half way through. Take out and allow to cool.
Place in the fridge for upto 4 days and take out when needed. Simply heat and slice open and top with an egg or avocado or some olive oil and salt and pepper. Or whatever you fancy.

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The other things you can use in place of bread/pasta are:
Green Leaves

Baby Marrow/Zucchini

Half an Avocado

Simply use these as a base for your whatever you are eating. Maybe cook the baby marrow first- all though zoodles (zuchini noodles) are raw so you could have it raw.

What do you think? Do you do any of these or would you try any of them?


  1. Love all those veggies in there. I've been vegan now for 9 months. LOVING it. Will never go back!


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