Thursday, October 8, 2015

HOW TO GET THE CHANGE YOU SO BADLY DESIRE (its not what you think)

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You know when you need change so bad you would do anything for it?
I experienced that last year. I would have moved cities or even countries for some change just to feel different inside! I would have tried almost anything, the desire inside was so great! I couldn't stop thinking about what I could do - move, get some different friends, try a new sport, buy new clothes, change something.... Anything!!!!

Instead I went to study and got coaching through it... My soul life changed, my inner me was questioned and my inner me shifted - my inner life change. And weirdly - I got the change I needed by something internal - AND I was finally happy. Was my life perfect- of course not! But I felt more like me than in my entire life.
 breathe, life, coaching, motivational, how to get change, SA based coach, the best kind of coach

Now if someone had come to me and said I needed coaching I would have told them they must be kidding, I mean really if you are restless the last thing you think is to reflect inward... All of your inner self wants to do is RUN, GROW, MOVE, change something on the outside. This can be because the physical can feel like there is so much it wants to fix. Your brain will convince you it's something external, like start training for summer cause you need a bikini body (i mean who doesn't want that?) Or move to a new house,,, cause having a pretty house is nice. Or trying for a new baby cause they are cute too... But notice how all these things are distractions from your soul/inner life. Once you get peace inside your inner self all those things are beautiful but they aren't the definition of you. You can be the best and most at peace you've ever been if you work on the deep stuff lying underneath all the clutter. Will your life be perfect after that - of course not! But the clarity of thought and that inkling feeling you keep having will be gone. New stuff will arise but this time you'll know how to address it and move on. 
Calm and peace can be your friends. 
Really it's so nice to feel like I'm not irritated all the time and frustrated with the world... You know what I mean? What would you want to change and do you think it's true desire or an underlying shift waiting to happen?

Am I a coach - yes. Am I telling you this to get you as a client - no. I tell you this to encourage you to look inward. You are so much more than the hype of this world.  
Don't let them distract you to think you need to change everything on the outside when that sinking feeling still exists inside.
Breathe - now look inward and start asking yourself questions. (If its to big to handle alone find the right person to help you - maybe a coach or councilor - someone who will help shift your beliefs and core )

Big hugs


  1. I just so loved this heart felt article. Loved it. It felt like you are in mind-reading or should I say - heart reading mode. Why - because " how did you know I needed to hear this just today. Just right now of all times? " I have been coached before, received therapy for years ( years ago though) and had my fair share of business coaching. But here I am today - feeling like ' what the hell is this all about? I want to move away into the country and get as far away from the city as is humanly possible. But I can't. Bad timing etc. So, thanks for writing this heartfelt post - it spoke to me and I am inspired to seek out that coach again - not a mentor, not a counselor - but a coach. I don't want to be told what to do, but want to find that inner peace and contentment again. Cheers Rose

  2. Dear Rose

    Thank you for this heart felt comment. It is so appreciated and I am so happy you will find a coach again. Timing is everything :)

    wishing you peace


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