Monday, January 18, 2016

One SMALL word to create change

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I wrote this blog post for when you're feeling motivated BUT you ALSO want change...  Its the DIY of how to help yourself get from feeling to doing.

Ever felt really chuffed with yourself for feeling all motivated? I have! We feel like change is around the corner, we can feel it with every part of our being... then after a day or two OR a week or two it fades. Which kind of sucks.... Have you ever wandered what to do with that motivation AND how to help yourself make it work for you?

It all starts with a change in mindset - you see feeling motivated is not an action.

I know as a human being we (myself included) like to stop at the feeling... example: feeling motivated to go for a walk is very different to ACTUALLY GOING and doing the walk. But I really like that I felt motivated to want to do it (10 points for me - wink)

Wanting to learn a new language is different to actually learning it and speaking it and yes feeling like eating healthy isn't the same as actually EATING HEALTHY.
BUT my point is so often we take the feeling of feeling motivated as the Action.

If we feel anger doesn't mean we are going to punch the wall (nor should we) and if we feel love doesn't mean we show the world love (that would be good). Sooo WHY do we feel like the action of FEELING MOTIVATED is the SAME as doing it?!

We feel really proud of ourselves for feeling inspired, motivated etc... but just cause we feel them doesn't mean we'll take the necessary steps to do what we were hoping to do...(and the motivation fades)

So now what? We feel motivated AND???

Its the AND that is important here. YIP that tiny little word and... Next time to think to yourself Yeah Im super excited to go on this new eating plan or exercise routine or new blog post writing exercise (pick anything and insert here that you feel motivated to do)
Then ask yourself:

and, motivation, mindset, change, coach, 2016, bernice griffiths, create change,

 AND? When will I be doing this?
AND? who will I be doing this with?
AND?  how long will I be doing this?
AND? What kinds of things can I put in place to make sure I do it?

the more detailed you think it through and the more you vary the questions the more your brain is on board with this new found motivation.... ask yourself as many questions as you can think of about the thing you are wanting to do!!! seriously pretend you are a reporter trying to get to the bottom of this new thing??? WHY? WHAT etc...?

And when you ask yourself these questions and something comes up with resistance then ask yourself what is going on underneath..

AND Why am I feeling this way?

You see AND is a very nifty little word.

May you feel so clear and though out on your motivation that you will be able to go out and do it - that you'll be able to think yourself through all the objections and step into your new found health, happiness, and life.

Bernice AKA Betty
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  1. Great thoughts, I think it all comes to sit and write it down into goals, drill it down into actionable steps, AND get going no matter what, and then measure and celebrate the success. It's easy to say

  2. Mindset, Nice! I love it. The And is so important. Thank you. Cheers

  3. Fantastic advice, and very, very relevant. I think the AND follow-up questions are extremely valuable for putting into action steps to meet our goals once we've got the motivation in place.

  4. I love this! Making a plan to act instead of just desiring it by remembering one little word. Thanks for inspiring me :-)

  5. Lisa Marie Falcone22 January, 2016 23:14

    I will be asking myself these questions tonight when I plan out next week! I always lose momentum so I definitely needed this!

    Thank you
    Lisa Marie

  6. Yes, AND all the way!!! Switch those BUTs to ANDs ;)

    Nicely said :)


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