Monday, April 25, 2016

6 reasons I love snapchat

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If you feel like I have been missing around here - well its because I have been (sorry).
But there is a good reason why,,, well I think its a good reason.

You see I have fallen in love
(pause for dramatic effect)



Once I figured out the simplicity of the app (at first I was convinced there had to be more to it) and
used it a couple of times. Then followed some cool snap chatters to see how they were using the app and how I could be doing so much more with my phone - I just couldn't get enough.
I snapped my breakfast, my smoothies, my walks, my thoughts and just about anything I felt was worth sharing with my audience of 1 or 2 followers. It was bliss. I was snapping EVERYTHING! (my poor family)

Then I got a few more followers (watchers) and I was really excited!

Now you maybe part of the group of people who don't see the point of the app or think its to weird to share stuff. So let me give you my thoughts on why I love the app so VERY much:


1) press record on your phone and for up to 10 seconds it records your clip and once you post it - its live for your followers to see (super simple)

2) You can apply a few filters and write text on your snaps (aka video clips) for more expression if you would like. (I like to use this for more emphasis)

3) Snaps/clips are only available to see for 24 hours. Then they disappear forever! (unless you wish to download them to your phone to keep on there)  - I love this as it keeps me creating more and new content every day

4) Your story is a great place to show parts of your day and whatever you feel like sharing with the world in one place for 24hours. I love this as I feel like family and friends can check in and see your life in real time... minutes after you've posted it.

5) There is a private part of snapchat where you can message, video, voice note etc privately to someone you follow. I thoroughly enjoy sending stupid faces to my husband on snapchat. Its very amusing (read silly and fun)

6) I love that snapchat isn't supposed to be super polished and perfectly edited to reflect a high end video like youtube or a post that lives with you for ever like Facebook. - BUT you can make your snaps more creative = I try to play music while recording my snaps for extra mood and doodle on the clips or pictures for fun too.

I realize the app won't appeal to everyone and if you don't like it thats ok... atlas you know where I have been. Im still creating content, actually even more than before --- just over on snapchat.

I downloaded some of my snaps before they expired (remember 24 hour window) to my phone pieced them together into a video so you can see just a bit of what snap chat can be like.

Take a look

hope if you give it a try that you'll feel some of the happiness I have for the app.

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