Wednesday, February 22, 2017


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For those of you who follow my social media platforms you will have seen that I planned and created my daughters 13th Birthday Party.... and if you know me even a little, you will know that we host 2 parties on the SAME day for the birthday girl. Why you may ask?

The simple reason is this:
1) We have a "kids" party for our kid, so she can invite the other kids in her class and hang out with them, all surrounded by a theme and with appropriate activities and games etc.
2) Then we have a second party later that day for family (usually with a 1 and a half hour gap between parties). Because its better for Granny and Grandpa and Aunts and Uncles to be able to talk to the birthday girl and not have to put up with other strangers children they don't know trying to take over her time and the food we've set up.

So the 2 birthday party thing seems to work for us... we have done it most years and its a crazy method but I feel it accomplishes all that I need it to accomplish

For Example:
1) Not having to do all the baking and set up the furniture and decor on two separate days,
2) Food that was not eaten up from the first party gets to be used a little while later at the second party. (this doesn't mean I use old food that has been touched by children but more that I often over cater/buy food and there is usually left over prepared foods still in the fridge. So out it comes for party No.2)

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Once the day is all done and dusted we look back at singing Happy Birthday twice, blowing out candles twice, and lots and lots of conversations :) This equals many Happy moments.

Don't get me wrong - I am exhausted after and plan NOTHING for the day following the party. I chill - even I know my capabilities.

I am writing way to much about all this before getting to the actual point of this post! LOL... so the point really was that even though I did the 2 party thing again this year. I didn't make everything from scratch (which I usually do, because we are gluten-free and organic).
BUT this year I decided to not run myself into a frenzy with baking and cooking endless dishes that the people attending don't really care if they are gluten-free or not (they are regular gluten eaters). So I bought gluten filled cake and biscuits etc... Of course I also made gluten-free options for us but it was a fraction of the work or time or cost for the 3 of us. *My husband even congratulated me for actually buying items from the shops for the party!*
I am growing up and being wise with my time and what others care or don't care about. YAY ME!

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I bought these ice lollies - they are filled with milk and sugar and we DON'T eat them but the kids at the party do... so I bought them and simply made an ice lolly for my daughter.

I think if we think through the pressures and expectations we put on ourselves we can come up with ideas that will be effective and good for ourselves!

So what have you adjusted in your life to put less pressure on yourself?
What have you let go of?
How has it affected you?

I look forward to hearing what you have done.


  1. I love this .... the choices you make for yourself today will shape how you walk into your future and the small adjustments end up being big pathways to happier memories and healthy lifestyles .. how do I know .... I've watched you model this and I see it working in you family and I'm proud of you.


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